Polymath Empire

Blog Entries:

Blog #1: Six months of Game-Making

The Polymath-Empire Project is about making a game. In 6 months time a fully working prototype shall be created, and be made into the best Game possible for this timeframe. In order to create the game the Code has to be written, the Artwork has to be created and it would be great to also create at least a first general theme for a soundtrack. If the result after 6 months is presentable and if at least some few people are interested in the making of this game, the project can continue and the game shall be expanded.
To show the progress of the prototype Dev-Logs will be uploaded to the Youtube-Channel and can also be watched on this site. Go to the `videos`-section for the Dev-Logs.
In case you like the project, comment the youtube-videos with your feedback and of course subscribe to the channel.

Blog #2: April 1st, 2019

The 6 months begin today, at April 1st 2019. Most likely the Prototype, that will come out of this, will be the first world/chapter of the game, fully working and able to be run as a standalone.
Right now, the Proto-prototype has 4 of 5 screens, all the necessary menus, moving NPCs and player character.
Next things to add are a fighting screen, also Screen 5 and the finishing of the Artwork of screen 4; also the contents of the already existing screens.

Blog #3: April 18st, 2019

The basic Fighting screen is done. Fights work with a turn-based combat system, where the player choses what to do or what attack to perform, then all characters in the fighting-screen take turns and perform their action.
It is possible to fight one or two enemies at once, also it is planned to implement fights against three enemies. In DevLog #4 you see the turn-based combat against one and two enemies.
Next things to add are a working inventory and items, more detailled artworks for the characters including the player character, and also content for Screen 5 of 5 of the proto-prototype.

Blog #4: May 2019

The Artworks for the game have been very rudimentary until now. The Artworks for the characters were more or less just placeholders. Now I am trying to find a style, that looks a bit more realistic, but is still not way too much work to produce- since every single character needs a load of pictures for animations. So very very realistic looking artworks are not a very likely option, but maybe some semi-realistic-semi-comicy Artstyle will be the thing I go for.