Polymath Empire


Polymath Dev-Log #6

The sixth Dev-Log is about how to make an open world
despite the fact that the game is in 2d.

Polymath Dev-Log #5

Working on Improving the Artwork for the game.
Maybe we should move the Art-Style away from `very comic-y` to a a bit more realistic style?

Polymath Dev-Log #4

Fights now have a turn-based combat system and Attacks have Animations.
It is possible to fight against one or two enemies at once.

Polymath Dev-Log #3

A rudimentary Fighting-Screen has been added.
Fighting-Animations have yet to follow.

Polymath Dev-Log #2

Added several menus and a new screen.
An animation in the 4th screen needs some fixing for next time.

Polymath Dev-Log #1

The first Dev-Log is like taking stock of what we start with.
The basic screen and the Characters are shown, also very first features.